Obtaining Reiki Certification Can Be Difficult

Published: 01st August 2007
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Obtaining Reiki certification or finding local Reiki teachers can be difficult. For example, I live in Virginia and while I can study massage therapy, reflexology and even Shiatsu in at a nearby institute, I cannot study Reiki.

There is no official Reiki certification. Training can take days or years to complete. No special background or credentials are needed to practice Reiki therapy and, in most states, it is not necessary to be a certified massage therapist.

But, if you are planning on opening a practice, you should check state and local laws. In Florida, for example, it is required to be a certified massage therapist before you can perform Reiki. That is, if you plan on charging a fee.

Becoming a certified massage therapist only takes about six or seven months, depending on which school you attend, but very few offer Reiki certification. In addition to dealing with state laws, many cities require licenses. In order to obtain a license to practice massage therapy, you may be required to show 500-750 hours of study. Then there is a National Certification exam.

The more certifications a therapist has, the easier it is to find a job or procure clients, but Reiki certification may not be something that you can add to your resume. If you live in California, you could learn Tu Na, Seitai Shiatsu, Thailand Medical massage and Jin Shin Acutouch, but still no local Reiki teachers, at least ones that advertise.

Colleges in Canada offer a kind of Reiki certification. A continuing education program is offered for those who already hold professional massage therapist certifications.

You may find local Reiki teachers if you live in Minnesota, but you still will not be able to get an official Reiki certification. The practice is not well-regulated or government controlled, primarily because there are no detrimental side effects and as long as a therapist does not advise a patient to forgo conventional medical treatment, no harm can be done.

An alternative to local reiki teachers is distance learning. Some say that the art cannot be self taught. Others say that anyone can learn Reiki and use the power to improve their own lives, as well as the lives of those they love. In general, no Reiki certification accompanies these courses, as the goal is to teach as many people as possible. To learn more about learning Reiki from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace please visit Understanding Reiki.com.

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